Criteria (draft)


  • Must be at least Senior in High school
  • Age limit of 21 years old

College intent:

  • Must already be accepted to an accredited university
  • Must be enrolled in the school year in which the scholarship is given

Area of Study:

  • Must be enrolled in a music related program
  • Does not have to be a “major” but must have at least an emphasis on a music related field of study


  • Must be a resident of the State of Wisconsin
  • Enrollment in any accredited university within the USA is accepted.

Familial income requirements:

  • Total family income must not exceed $125,000.00 annually


  • Must complete and submit the downloadable application and essay questions from the website within the timeframe allowed for the school year in which applying
  • Submission must be made electronically per the instructions on the Bill Tesch Scholarship fund website